"We are Changing Generations, Impacting the World, Through God's Word & Deeds"

We indeed are morally bound to extend Medical facilities to the villages where there are no even first Aid facilities. Bible also supports this venture many a time . Ours is the soil where number of villages do not have neither doctors nor nurses. Even if there are Treatment is confined to rich people. Poor people depend upon self-treatment such as using country medicines there by many people die with out proper treatment. For your kind information especially children do die in number. We there fore go to the slum areas on behalf of the SAVE THE UNSAVED MINISTRIES with the minimum resources that we have. Vitamin tablets, cold relief, fever relief, pain relief, medicines we go and approach collect voluntarily from people and go to the areas where above said medicines were not distributed. In this regard we hail and welcome your kind involvement, which will influence our ministry so that many souls may be provided respite and relief.

Prayerfully we also target HIV/AIDS people, heart diseases related to stomoch,cancer,among the children. We have been asking god to provide us means to reach the unreached those who are effected with such diseases above said.

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